About Us

The AEF Family and Youth Services Inc. is a nationwide charity providing programs and activities which contribute to the well-being, health, education and holistic care of Aboriginal and Islander communities, families and youth in need of support.

It is has been Incorporated since 1994 and is governed by the elected Council of the AEF of Aus. Inc. This important work it has Deductible gift recipient status.  

Child Safety
Child Safety

The AEF Family and Youth Services:

  • is, and strives to remain a child safe organisation.
  • has zero tolerance for child abuse.
  • has systems to protect children from abuse, and will take all allegations and concerns very seriously and respond to them consistently in line with our policies and procedures.
  • Will not hesitate to report incidents of child abuse.
  • actively works to listen to and empower children
  • is committed to promoting cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, and to providing a safe environment for children from other backgrounds or with a disability.